Thursday, October 20, 2011

Finding current NYS contractors

Our fine SBDC contracting expert, Roxanne Multcher, provided the following tips and links on where to find current NYS contractors.

The best route might be for the business to look at what contractors have purchased bid documents for construction projects and market to those contractors; click on a specific project # to see who purchased bid documents.

NYS consultant opportunities (this is for architects)

OGS Contract Listings:
One could look at any appropriate contracts and see who the contract holder(s) is.
New York State calls becoming a subcontractor a “Value Added Reseller” -- To become a reseller, check the contract. VAR participation will be included in the language of the contract. Open PDF attachments: “Contractor Information.” Call the contract holder. If added as a Value Added Reseller, you have NYS contractor status, but you still need to market to agencies

Another way to search OGS contracts – by keyword
Alphabetical list of contracts (PDF)
Active NYS Contract Holders List (PDF)
Review the listing of active contracts. Since it is a PDF file, you can search by keyword in the “Find” field and click the right-arrow to see each and every place where that word(s) appears.
This listing just gives the name of the contractor.

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