Friday, October 07, 2011

Small Business Advocate - access to capital

The Small Business Advocate – October 2011; Vol: 30 , No: 8

The October 2011 issue of The Small Business Advocate directs attention to one of the top issues facing small businesses: access to capital. Advocacy’s September symposium, The Small Business Capital Crunch: Debt and Equity, receives feature coverage, along with three new finance publications. The issue also contains updates to proposed regulations from the Departments of Labor and Treasury, and coverage of the Advocacy’s participation in the Congressional Black Caucus.

In this Issue
Advocacy Symposium Probes the Capital Crunch, 1
Symposium Coverage, 4–7
Chief Counsel Participates in Congressional Black Caucus, 8
Social Media Update, 12

Message from the Chief Counsel
Access to Capital Dominates Advocacy’s September Agenda, 3

Research Notes
Three New Advocacy Finance Publications, 2
Developments in Women-Owned Businesses, 1997–2007, 11

Regulatory News
Advocacy Recommends OSHA Burden Reduction, 9
Labor Department Postpones H-2B Visa Wage Revision, 10
New Staff at Advocacy, 10
EBSA Withdraws Proposal to Update Definition of “Fiduciary,” 11
Tax News
IRS Announces Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program, 12

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