Wednesday, January 25, 2012

State Sales Tax and Use Tax Info re: Product Raising for Nonprofits

"Each year, schools, school groups, PTAs, PTOs, youth sports leagues and other non-profit organizations raise nearly $2 billion by selling merchandise to the public (product fundraising).

This web site is designed to assist these non-profit organizations and fundraising companies in determining the sales and use tax implications, if any, resulting from product fundraising drives. The goal is to provide a publicly-accessible clearinghouse of information about the States' provisions, practices and procedures related to the transactional taxation of fundraising sales, products and organizations.

Source of the Information
The information on this site was provided by the state revenue departments through a survey distributed by the Multistate Tax Commission.... States are asked periodically to review this information for accuracy. The site reflects updated information as provided by individual states. This site contains information from only those states that affirmatively indicated in the survey that the state agrees "to authorize the Multistate Tax Commission to disseminate any and all of the responses provided in this survey to the Association of Fund-Raising Distributors & Suppliers (AFRDS) and to the general public."

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