Friday, February 08, 2013

7 Marketing Lessons (and an Infographic) for Next Year's Super Bowl Advertisers (and You)

I can hope against hope that the advertisers that underwrite the 48th Super Bowl will learn some pretty big lessons from this year's. I know I sure did. And the lessons learned aren't just applicable to brands with big advertising budgets; they are applicable to any marketer looking to get more ROI from marketing investments.

But before I get to those lessons, let me share how I discovered them.

Instead of watching the Super Bowl in real-time like a normal human being, I fired up the DVR and logged each and every commercial—national and local to my market—that ran from 6 PM EST through the commercial break after the final whistle. I then went back and logged each and every call to action involving the Web, mobile channels, social media, and telephone.

The findings were a true head-shaker, and most are compiled in the infographic at the end of this article. The rest you can find in my recent blog rant, Punt, Pass & Kick: Email, Mobile & Social Misses at Super Bowl XLVII.

Now that I've had some time to ponder what the brands near total failure to engage viewers beyond the TV screen means, I'm able to distill my thoughts into these seven lessons for Super Bowl XVLIII's advertisers—and everybody else.

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