Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Importance of Pay Fairness

Perceived pay fairness for employees is just as important as the reality of it. Employees need to feel that the hard work they put into their job matches what they get back from it—and pay is an important part of this evaluation. The importance of pay fairness to employees is obvious in its relationship to employee engagement, turnover intentions, work stress, psychological and physical health, and life satisfaction. But fair pay isn’t just important to employees—it’s also in your company’s best interest.

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To that end:
New York Sushi Restaurant Eliminates Tipping Because It Pays Waiters A Salary With Benefits:

Most restaurants use tips as an excuse to pay their servers less, even though surveys find employers often duck the federal requirement that only allows them to pay below minimum wage if tips make up the difference. As a result, servers’ poverty rate is nearly triple that of the entire workforce. They are also almost twice as likely to rely on food stamps than the general population.

And their ranks are swelling; the restaurant and service industries enjoy much stronger job growth than other sectors. Most of those jobs are low-wage, low-benefit, and part-time. Fast food workers are striking all over the country over unlivable wages and casual exploitation.

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