Monday, March 10, 2014

Your small business really does need mobile

From USA Today:

Q: Just when I thought I had it all going on with regard to my website, it turns out that I am now supposed to have a mobile version of my site, right? Is this really necessary? I have more important things to spend my time on, don't you agree? -- T.J.

A. I would like to agree, but unfortunately, I cannot. Consider, just for starters, these statistics I recently saw from

• Mobile search has grown five times in the past two years.

• 52% of all local searches are done on a mobile phone.

• Nine out of 10 mobile searches end in a purchase.

So, no, you cannot ignore your mobile website; indeed, for most small businesses, it needs to become a priority.

Look, we live in a world where mobile is taking over (or has taken over.) More and more, people are using smartphones and tablets as their main access point for the Web, and that means that sites that are not optimized for mobile devices have a problem.

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