Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How to Answer the Age-Old Question, 'What Has Marketing Done for Us Lately?'

In the last three years, there has been a tremendous transformation in marketing. We have infinitely more data to tap and analyze, many more tools to use in each stage of the funnel, and new, fast-changing ways to engage customers.

What hasn't changed, though, is the prevalence of the age-old question, "What does marketing do, and why do we spend so much on it?"

As marketing budgets and buzzwords increase, the question is more prevalent than ever.

Unlike development and engineering teams that produce tangible products, and sales teams that close deals, Marketing often lacks a clear line of sight between action and outcome. When resources are scarce or when growth slows, it's not uncommon to look at Marketing and question the investment, thus making Marketing a lightning rod—that is, unless the marketing team has communicated (within the company) its goals, metrics, actions, and progress... and it delivers against those goals.

The following tips can help you set great goals, communicate them within and beyond the marketing team, and ensure you achieve them.

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