Monday, February 16, 2015

Average weekly wages of workers in counties bearing names of U.S. presidents

Washington's Birthday or Presidents' Day honors U.S. presidents, including George Washington, our nation's first president. There are 261 counties that bear the name of a U.S. president, but not all are named in honor of the president whose name they share. Reagan County, Texas, had the highest average weekly wage ($1,201) among all counties bearing the name of a U.S. president in June 2014. This county, near Midland, was not named for President Reagan.

Two counties named in honor of President Washington, one in Oregon and one in Alabama, were the only other counties with presidential names that had average weekly wages greater than $1,000 in June 2014. The average weekly wage was $1,183 in Washington County, Oregon (part of the Portland metropolitan area), and $1,179 in Washington County, Alabama (near Mobile). Average weekly wages in the remaining 29 counties named for Washington ranged from $428 in Washington County, Missouri, to $940 in Washington County, Pennsylvania. The average weekly wage in Washington, DC, was $1,432.

More from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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