Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Video Marketing Today

As our intake of user-generated content has increased, businesses have capitalized on that material and in turn, relaxed the style of corporate media. We see ads copying the style of social media, and the use of popular social media stars to promote brands. The use of humor is becoming even more expected. There has been an increase in the use of various short video-based communication formats across the Internet. From Vines, SnapChats, Instagram and Twitter joining the already established YouTube, FaceBook and Tumblr, very young people in particular are comfortable using these methods and video content is proliferating. Small business brands need to be relevant, and it would be wise to consider video as a vital part of the marketing mix. Any dedicated person with a smartphone can start making video content, but it is an opportunity for videographers whose meat-and-potatoes are wedding videos and christenings to expand their clientele. Some businesses are especially suited to using video to promote themselves. Those that perform services, or manufacture products that may be a bit mysterious to potential customers can seize an opportunity to show-and-tell. For an acupuncturist who may want to reassure nervous first-timers, or a gym that wants to promote their new facility, video may be the perfect vehicle to showcase their business. In the past videographers who specialized in corporate videos may have gotten into a rut of creating staid productions with talking heads and long shots of business parks. Whoever was to blame, there are other options today. Humor is a popular approach and there are writers and producers able to deliver. Small business owners needing a fresh marketing approach and videographers looking to expand their market should think about video.

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