Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Census Business Builder Updates

The Census Bureau released updated editions of Census Business Builder that provide major updates and features, mobile-optimization, and performance improvements to this popular suite of tools. Census Business Builder: Small Business Edition and Census Business Builder: Regional Analyst Edition include the following new features:
·       An expanded and customizable dashboard with charts that allow users to compare data at national, state and local area levels and to compare current data to historical trends.
·       New map features, including the ability to download the data directly from the map.
·       Access to information at the state level as well as for counties, cities/towns, zip codes and census tracts.
·       New age category of 21 and older.
·       Fully interactive and downloadable reports.
The Small Business Edition also now includes industry access to all 2,014, 2- to 6-digitNorth American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes; 53 popular businesstypes were supported in the previous version. The Regional Analyst Edition now allows users to build their regions from cities and towns as well as counties.
To learn more about Census Business Builder and these updates, visit <www.census.gov/data/data-tools/cbb.html> and view the promotional videoUsers are encouraged to provide comments on this release by sending their feedback to <census.cofb@census.gov>.

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