Saturday, February 03, 2018

Lessons from Crock Pot: Four Steps to Make Your Brand Crisis-Ready

From MarketingProfs:

Pity the beleaguered Crock-Pot: First it gets its lunch eaten by the upstart InstantPot. Then it murders a beloved character on a popular TV show.

The slow cooker that had toiled unobtrusively for years on kitchen counters around the world, silently stewing your Swedish meatballs, suddenly found itself last week thrust into the social media spotlight.

Prior to last week, the brand wasn't even on Twitter—because, honestly, who wants to talk to Crock-Pot? Yet, a week later, the hastily assembled @CrockPotCares Twitter feed is still defending itself from attacks caused by the unlikeliest of sources.

What Happened?

Last Tuesday, NBC's "This Is Us" episode fingered the family slow cooker in the long-awaited explanation of the death of family patriarch Jack Pearson (played by Milo Ventimiglia)... In that moment last week, Crock-Pot found itself blindsided—thrust into the middle of a Clue game. (It was Mr. Crock-Pot in the Kitchen with Flame from a Faulty Switch!)

Did you notice that the pot wasn't even branded a Crock-Pot? Apparently, that doesn't matter in this post-truth world.

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