Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Mobile Consumers Desert Their Cart if the Experience Is Flawed

From eMarketer:

Shopping on your mobile device isn’t always a smooth process. In fact, a new survey finds that many digital shoppers have a difficult time placing orders via mobile, resulting in an abandoned cart.

A study from Addressy polled digital buyers in the US, UK and Germany, and found that nearly four in 10 respondents had issues entering their personal details when trying to complete a purchase on their mobile phone, which caused them to desert their cart.

Entering personal details is just one of several problems digital shoppers face. Some 35% of respondents said the screen wasn't big enough to see what they were typing, and more than a quarter had issues entering their order accurately.

What's more, one-third said they lost the connection, which resulted in a loss of interest in that product.

But it isn't always a poor mobile experience that results in an abandoned cart.

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