Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Small Business Success Story - Page Fitness

Each year the New York Small Business Development Center recognizes outstanding small businesses in a variety of ways.  This Success Story from the  Watertown SBDC appears in our 2016 Annual Report

Jamie Wood 
Page Fitness
Watertown SBDC

Jamie Wood is the proud owner of Page Fitness, located in downtown Watertown. Page Fitness has been internationally recognized by Woman’s Fitness magazine as a World Fitness Elite Game Changer, and was named Fitness Business of the year for North America by Net Profit Explosion for providing exceptional results in Canada and the United States. The Page Fitness program is centered on individuals who are looking to lose 10-50 pounds and interested in living a healthier lifestyle. 
Page Fitness was founded by Jessica and Christopher Page in 2009 and Jamie was hired as their first physical trainer. Jamie is certified in Hardstyle Kettlebell, Crossfit Gymnastics, Crossfit Olympic Lifting and LesMills. In 2015, when the Pages decided to sell the business, Jamie was committed to taking it over and expanding on its success. Today, business is thriving and sales are up 30%. Jamie has a $683,300 investment into the business including funding from Watertown Local Development Corporation, Watertown Savings Bank and the U.S. Small Business Association. 
Currently Jamie employs 13 trainers and staff. Jamie relocated the center to a more centrally located area with an open floor plan that was better suited for his programs. The new location has proven to be more economically feasible. Jamie lowered the price point to broaden his target market, increased the amount of time per session a client receives, and added more value to the training and nutrition packages. “The Small Business Development Center was instrumental in helping me become a business owner,” he says. “They walked me through every step and provided expert guidance throughout a complicated and sometimes difficult experience.” 

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