3 Tips to Maintain the Effectiveness of Email Marketing

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From Camille at superhuman.com

Email marketing is one of the oldest strategies for marketing on the internet. This leads some to wonder whether it’s still worth spending all the time and effort required to run campaigns.

The truth is that while email may not be the newest or most exciting tool in digital marketing, it still has the potential to be one of the most effective. In 2018, nearly 90% of marketers list email as one of their top three priorities, with 45% saying it is their top concern. Furthermore, it still offers of the best returns on investment when compared to other marketing channels.

Numbers like this make it easy to see that email marketing is not going away anytime soon. However, if you want to produce competitive email marketing campaigns, you have to make an effort to develop a strategy that can meet the demands of the modern market and use tools like an email verifier to ensure the highest possible deliverability and conversion rate. If your tactics are old and outdated, your campaigns will not be able to achieve their full potential.

Here are three tips for email marketers looking to maintain the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Personalize Email

The internet is an attention economy, and inboxes are full of competition. If you want your email campaigns to succeed, you need to take steps to ensure your emails stand out and connect with consumers.

Through email personalization, you can achieve both of these goals and increase the ROI of your email marketing. Individualized emails have been shown to increase click through and conversion rates. If you’re not already taking steps to personalize your marketing emails, it’s time to start.

Email personalization should include simple steps like unique subject lines and emails that address the recipient by name. Additionally, marketers can have great success when emails include personalized offers and recommendations.

List Management

One common misconception is that having a bigger subscriber list is always better. While it is good to reach as many people as possible, there can be some cases where you may want to remove people from your subscriber list.

If you have a lot of subscribers that never open your emails or addresses on your list that always lead to a bounce, this can put a blemish on your sender reputation. If you want to maintain your sender reputation and improve your engagement rates, you need to clean your list.

Start by removing all of the addresses that are always a hard bounce. Next, you want to identify the recipients that never open your emails. See if you can develop a strategy to re-engage these recipients. If not, remove them from your list as well.

Finally, look for the addresses with inconsistent engagement. Identify the types of content these recipients engage with, and see if you can develop a segmentation plan to deliver the most relevant content to these individuals.

Adapt for Mobile

Email marketing has reached a stage where mobile has to take priority over desktop. Mobile devices now account for more than half of all email opens, a trend that is very unlikely to reverse. If you want to be able to reach customers no matter where they are, you must adapt your campaigns for mobile devices.

For your emails to work well on mobile, you need to develop mobile-friendly email templates that will display well on the smaller screen. Additionally, you will need to write shorter subject lines, select images that work well with mobile email servers, and take steps to develop content that is easier to consume on the small screen.


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