Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Disaster Planning

As Hurricane Katrina pounds the south, with damage estimated in the billions of dollars, businesses are forced to activate disaster plans, backing up systems and many are already trying to deal with the aftermath. This brings to mind how often many businesses are not fully prepared for catastrophic events. There is an enormous amount of information available about how to go about it. I’ve listed just a few sites that offer tips and checklists. Something to think about.

SBA’s Disaster Preparedness Considerations on the SBA website offers tips on creating a disaster planning toolkit covering issues such as operations, insurance and communications.

Expect the Unexpected
Create a monster plan to disaster-proof your business.Business Start-Ups magazine - January 1997
By Julie Cook

Books in our collection:

Alesch, Daniel J. ; Holly, James N.; Nagy, Robert
Organizations at risk: What happens when small businesses and not-for-profits encounter natural disasters

Schneid, Thomas D.
Disaster management and preparedness

Stringfield, William H.
Emergency planning and management

Rainey, W.T.
10th Annual disaster resource guide/

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