Monday, August 15, 2005

RN Materials - Lending Period

More about those Entrepreneur Start-Up Guides . . .

Recently, I e-mailed a Word file that listed the remaining guides in the Research Network collection. While we were busy winnowing our holdings, we received a notice from a center that wondered why we allow only 2 weeks to view these books.

This is one of those vestiges of the days when the Researh Network served the entire country. Back then, we had a much greater demand for the guides than we do now. Two weeks was a reasonable duration to allow people to view the guide, but not so long that others would have to wait too long.

Obviously, we're not national anymore. As of now, the Research Network will allow these guides to be on loan to SBDC advisors & their clients for a period of three weeks. This includes the mailing time. It's something that should've been done many years ago. Sorry for the delay.

This clause will appear in the upcoming revision of the SBDC's Standard Operating Procedures manual. In the near future, I'll be citing other changes to the SOP that affects how we do business with each other. Exciting stuff!!

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