Wednesday, August 03, 2005

US Department of Labor

To follow on Darrin's earlier post... No doubt everyone has visited the DOL site for data at some time for employment law or other tips and stats. I tend to get in and out, going straight for what I need without really looking around, especially since there is such an alarming amount of information jammed in there. A few spots that are worth a visit if you haven’t been recently are:

OSHA - Injury and Illness: Recordkeeping

Reports on Computer and Internet Use at Work

Temporary help agency workers report

Occupational Outlook Quarterly

We often go straight to Occupational Outlook Handbook and certainly you will recognize the reports from that source from enquiry packets. A source you may not check as often is the Occupational Outlook Quarterly Online. While poking around I came upon the You’re a What? feature. This quarter they focus on a modelmaker, past issues have been flavorist, and perfusionist. But they also covered acupuncturist, corporate concierge, dog walker, and greeting card writer. You may have seen these two page summaries in the research packets you have received from us but the site has little bits like the Grab Bag. The current issue discusses the locksmithing occupation is growing faster than the average for all other fields.
How we spent our time offers a simple breakdown of how much time is spent at various activities like working, leisure, and sleeping.

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