Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Latest Volume of Business Plans Handbook

Here's the list of sample business plans from volume 11 of the Business Plans Handbook:

Adventure Travel Lodging Company: Cobra Travel Adventure Group
Brewpub: Hopstreet Brewery
Cigar Company: Smokescreen Cigars
Construction Development & Real Estate Firm: Black Pearl Development & Real Estate LLC
Construction and Home Rehabilitation Company: Pedro’s Construction
Daycare Facility: Rachel’s Clubhouse
Giftware Company: Jenni Frey Gifts
Handmade Greeting Card Company: Heartsongs
Handyman Service: “I’m the Man!” Handyman Services
Homeless Shelter: Sister Joan of Arc Center
Interior Design Company: Make It Your Own Space Inc.
Interior Painting Service: Eyecatching Interiors LLC
Internet Loyalty Program: Tunes4You
Internet Services Portal Site: Net Solutions
Massage Therapists: MASSAGEWORKS
Mentally Disabled Care Facility: Welcome Home Organization
Motorcycle Dealership and Racetrack: Zoom Motors
Online Mortgage Company: Valuable Mortgage
Pizzeria: Coastal Pizza
Private Investigator: FBEyes

Also, Fictional Plan Templates :
Food Distributor
Hardware Store


Anonymous said...

Is there some place on the internal web site we can go to to see all the sample plans in the library?

Bill Brigham said...

In case staffers don't know, these handbooks may be available online through your local library. With my trusty Troy Public Library card in hand I go into the Gale Virtual Reference Library and voila.

Jim King said...

Good suggestion, thanks

Roger Owen Green said...

Another source for the Business Plans Handbooks, at least for Volumes 5-10, is the State Library electronic databases at You'll need a library card.