Monday, November 21, 2005

WebMQS - Contact/Prep/Clerical time issues

This post covers two distinct situations:

1) There've been questions asked recently at certain Regional Centers regarding what constitutes clerical time in the Counselor Hours section for WebMQS case records. Some advisors feel that they're doing clerical work (such as doing data entry on WebMQS), while others feel that clerical work is exclusive only to office managers or other support staff.

To clarify, time spent by the advisor to prepare for a client meeting, to review documents, to follow-up after a meeting, and in completing other tasks relating to the case (including data entry for WebMQS) should be counted as Prep Time.

Conversely, time spent by the office manager or other support staff to prepare for a client meeting - such as making copies, assembling information packets, and so on - should be counted as Clerical Time.

2) To reiterate from my 6/20 blog posting, some advisors are in the habit of adding the time spent in communicating a request to the Research Network to the case record. If you are doing this, then that time should be considered Prep. Since there is no option on the drop-down menu called "Research Network," it is not possible to assign this time to us. Instead, logically, it should be assigned to the advisor working the case.

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