Thursday, December 15, 2005


These days I'm feeling a bit out of the loop. I'm not up on the latest trends in fashion. So, when we took a recent request on hip-hop clothing, I knew I had to do some background research. One of the clients was interested in several brands. I found myself getting nowhere on my search for the brand Academic. I tried doing a literature search, even narrowed the search to a specific fashion industry publication, WWD (Womens' Wear Daily), but found nothing. Darrin stopped by and I explained my quest. He suggested that the spelling of the brand might not be so obvious (and I had already searched for Baby Phat, another spelling for a clothing brand that wasn't exactly intuitive). I pressed forward searching under alternate spellings and lo and behold, there is a hip-hop brand called Akademiks.

If you have a research request for a brand, company name, or trademark, you'll save the Research Network some time (and get more accurate information) with the correct spelling. We understand that the client doesn't always know either, so just make your best effort. And we'll do the same.

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