Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Spamalot: Disposable E-mail Accounts

We’ve all grown accustomed to a certain amount of SPAM in our e-mail accounts, and I know many who choose to sacrifice an account on one service or another to SPAM while keeping their main address free of junk. Naturally then, there are products available to outfox spammers. Here are a few.
Assures you can “take back your email” by registering with their free service which enables you to make aliases that you can use for online registrations and then easily delete whenever you want. This service is praised for it’s simplicity. Disposable Email
These aliases automatically expire after a certain amount of time; 1 to 8 days. They are not connected to your actual email at all, so the down side is they stop forwarding to your regular email when they expire and cannot be manually reinstated.
Offers a few more features. You set up an emailias button in your toolbar and when a registration asks for your email address, you click that button and it generates an alias.

Eats SPAM. Offers reply address masking, a more flexible tool, it offers some control over words in aliases, trusted senders do not get cut off, even after the alias expires. You can also extend the life of an alias manually.

Yahoo! Mail
Offers AddressGuard™, through which you can create aliases. Yahoo! is a reliable brand and offers tons of space.

Offered by AT&T Labs has got rave reviews for virtually eliminating SPAM.

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