Monday, April 17, 2006

Grants - Payback!

Many clients come to your doors telling stories of how they gave money to some organization - be it an inventors assessment program, or a grants provider group - only to have regrets soon after. I recently received an e-mail from Walter Reid, an advisor with the Farmingdale SBDC. He'd been keeping me posted regarding a client who sent $1,000 to the National Grants Conferences, an organization that promises attendees of their conferences with the "secrets" on how to obtain "free" government money for any number of endeavors. Walter took it upon himself to write a letter on behalf of the client, insisting on his money back. Recently, the client received a check for the full amount. Persistence, then, can pay off. If you're interested in Walter's methods, give him a call down in Farmingdale.

I know that there've been several clients with bad experiences with NGC and similar types of organizations. In fact, go here to read about other people & their dealings with NGC. They're an aggressive organization, relying on people not to do their homework. This site will give your clients all the ammunition they need to stay far, far away from this group.

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Leslie at Stony Brook SBDC said...

Darren, this RipoffRevenge page reinforces what I've long feared: The Scammed are the angry people complaining on this site, and they come off as a little less literate than the 'defendants', and maybe just a little less believe-able. That really bothers me, since I know how important PERCEPTION is! It's just like I told Warren (I can't remember his Center)after Mark Wan's workshop at Staff Training: these people aren't all STUPID, they're just desperate, and desperate people clutch at just about anything that looks like a lifeline, even if it is a snake painted to look like a lifeline! I'm really glad, though, that some more of them are going to get their money back! I wish, too, that there were some way to verify the info in that website; doesn't it seem awfully close to SLANDER to accuse the Boca Raton BBB of being on-the-take from NGC?

Thanks for the info. I work really hard to make sure callers don't get sucked into anything costing any money before they do some homework, but sadly, most of my calls come AFTER they've already plunked down the money for things like this.