Friday, April 07, 2006

Thanks, Mary Beth

Before I ever met Mary Beth, I heard her. Specifically, I heard her laugh. She had just been hired, and since I was not on the search committee, I had no information about her, other than the assurances from the librarians who were on the committee that she was "really good."

Well, that turned out to be correct; she is a fine librarian. She has the dogged determination and the requisite curiosity of a good researcher. She also is in charge of the SBDC web page, which is more than a design task; it’s asking, sometimes cajoling, newspapers to provide rights to display stories about the NYS SBDC on the site.

It’s probably because of the varied experience she had before coming to the SBDC – she had worked at ASCAP, the New York Assembly and Empire State Development.

Mary Beth is currently the president of a local branch of a national library association. In fact, it was attending a library conference meeting where MB came up with the idea of the Research Network doing a blog, which we have been doing for nearly a year now.

She attended the University at Albany library school, where she met her husband. They now live in one of the Albany County hill towns with their cat and two birds.

Perhaps you didn’t know MB plays piano and organ, occasionally for her church. She’s an avid reader of The New Yorker magazine, and non-fiction books. MB was in an award-winning ad as a voiceover performer for the New York State Thruway radio broadcast.

Beyond all of that, though, she’s a very fine person. I think I speak for all of the librarians, and undoubtedly others in the office who have appreciated her attentive listening and helpful suggestions, whether the issue be reference, technical or personal.

Mary Beth is moving on to the state library, after nearly five years at the SBDC. Certainly, we'll all miss her, but are comforted by the fact that she’s moving not too far away.

I was looking for a visual to accompany this story, so I typed in MB in a database, and came up with Mercedes-Benz. Seems somehow appropriate. It’s not that she drives one – or would even aspire to drive one. Rather, it is that she is a class act.

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