Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Ways of Great Leaders

The Three Ways of Great Leaders
“In a new study, some leading business thinkers identify the attributes of great leadership -- and nominate the best bosses of the 20th century.”
From: Issue 98 September 2005 Page 50 By: Bill Breen
Fast Company

This Fast Company article looks at “contextual intelligence” or the ability to see opportunities in the winds of change. C.W.Post and his product samples, Louis B. Neumiller of Catepillar, taking advantage of circumstances to become a permanent fixture on the global scene, or Lee Iococca’s ability to use demographics in his favor: they all capitalized on what was going on in the world and used their individual styles to put their products in the limelight.

Another Fast Company article on leadership offers the flipside:

Ten Self-Defeating Behaviors to Avoid
"Want to Succeed at Work? First Step: Get Out of Your Own Way"
2005-09-26 by Mark Goulston
Fast Company
The article starts out with some advice from Warren Buffet and goes on to describe what not to do – always a favorite for me. Here are the highlights:

1. Thinking you're indispensable:
2. Talking over or at others:
3. Not listening:
4. Not delegating:
5. Using jargon:
6. Being afraid to fire people:
7. Fear and avoidance of giving performance reviews:
8. Fear of confrontation:
9. Fear of failing:
10. Not getting buy-in:

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