Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What’s Taxable? State Issues Quick Reference Guide For Sales and Use Taxes

Here's what the press release says:

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has published a convenient quick reference guide and research tool to help business and individual taxpayers meet their New York sales and use tax obligations.

Commissioner of Taxation and Finance Andrew S. Eristoff today unveiled Publication 850, New York State and Local Sales and Use Tax: Quick Reference Guide, designed to provide general information about State and local sales and use taxes.

Commissioner Eristoff said, "Sales and Use tax can be confusing for many taxpayers. Over the past 12 years the Department of Taxation and Finance has made great strides in simplifying our rules and regulations, clarifying our forms and instructions, and making interaction with the Department more convenient.

"Publication 850 takes this a step further by bringing all of these simplified and revised resources together in a handy reference guide. No longer will taxpayers need to wade through a plethora of publications to determine if a particular good or service is taxable and under what conditions; this guide will direct them immediately to the proper information to meet their needs," Commissioner Eristoff said.

This quick reference guide includes a list of taxable and exempt property and services along with basic information related to record keeping and how to avoid common errors when filing a sales tax return. Taxpayers can also receive timely information concerning sales tax changes by subscribing to the Department’s free, e-mail subscription service.

Here's what I say:

It's STILL confusing when fruit drinks which contain less than seventy percent of natural fruit juice are taxable, but drinks with more than seventy percent juice are not (paragraph 1115 of the state TAX law.)

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Norm Karsten said...

I have reviewed Pub. 850 and unless I missed it, there is no mention of sales over the Internet. I am surprised. But I am comforted to know hat "Services performed to a qualifying barge" are exempt!!