Friday, August 18, 2006

Wild World of Wiki

As if the folks who contribute to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia don’t have enough fun in cyberspace, they recently convened for the second annual “Wikimania” convention. Here, founder Jimmy Wales discussed his intent to focus on quality over quantity. Although a recent article in Nature gave Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Brittanica close marks in accuracy for their scientific articles, Wales appreciates that the whole encyclopedia isn’t there yet. There’s work to be done, but Wiki devotees seem up to the task.

Home page for the convention:
Article about Wales’ comments:
Read more about the study from Nature:

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BenRopp said...

"Wiki" is the wave of the future! Incidentally, I've been thinking that Wiki technology would be perfect for making our DOL packet and other information available to SBDC counselors -- if not directly to clients, which is of course another option. At the very least, a list of websites and other free materials for each industry could be put on a wiki. With the wiki technology, we could harness the collective knowledge of the entire SBDC network of counselors, as well as of the Research Network. The particulars of access and security would have to be hashed out, of course, but I'm sure it could be done with the proper tech support... One can dream! Go wikis! (Sounds like a mascot, doesn't it?)