Thursday, August 02, 2007

Telling Your Story

Telling a Good Story
by Michele Miller
"You may have the greatest company in the world. But if you don't know how to convey that to customers, you may as well not exist."

Another way to tell a story...

Duct Tape Marketing, one of my favorite sites talks about an interesting idea in a blog post of theirs.
by John Jantsch
Mon May 14, 2007
Blurb Books a Great Tool for Telling Your Story
You've probably seen these as they are popping up everywhere. In iPhoto (if you use a Mac) you can order your photographs nicely put together in a book. Wedding pictures are also offered in this format to deliver your digital memories.
This blog suggests the use of polished books for businesses to use to sell themselves. Blurb shows some nice examples of how the books could be used. A sophisticated way to tell your story.

Here's one last article on storytelling:
How to Tell Your Story in the Media
by Ilise Benun
from The Art of Self Promotion #22

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