Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thanks, Ciao, Best Wishes, Sincerely

I tend to write “thanks” a lot. And not just because I’m a grateful person (although I am). It’s just my usual email sign-off, probably because I tend to be asking for things, or thanking you all for asking us great questions.

Maybe I should start expanding my repertoire.

This recent article from discusses a variety of email closers, and what they say about you.

What your sign-off is really saying.”

Here’s an older USA Today article on the subject.

Another good source of email etiquette info:

Online Writing Lab at Purdue University


Josée said...

It's interesting that these two writers thought "cordially"' was less formal than "regards" which is backwards to me. "kind regards" sounds like a greeting card.
I was taught to write "regards" if you knew the person or had previous communication and "faithfully" is you were writing to someone you did not know.

Roger Green said...

Must be both a cultural and an age thing. "Cordially" suggests, well, cordially. "Regards" I've never used, or any variant.