Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Web 2.0: Hip or hype?

“Don't get too attached to MySpace. You might want to pull up stakes from Second Life, too. And you'll probably want to stop posting inanities to Twitter. Why? All of these sites will be gone before the end of this decade.”

Thus begins “MySpace, Second Life, and Twitter Are Doomed” a recent PC Magazine article by Lance Ulanoff.

We’ve mentioned a lot of Web 2.0 applications lately, but are they really the wave of the future, or just a lot of hype? The author argues that MySpace pages are ugly, and sometimes dangerous. Second Life may not be as big as reported, and Twitter is way too random and useless.

As a librarian, I feel there’s a purpose in exploring all sorts of information sharing opportunities, since that’s what we do, and we want to be where our users are. And I also enjoy looking up kids I went to high school with. But while I may have a MySpace page, I rarely go there, and I don't feel any great sense of community. Second Life seems pretty neat, but I don't see myself ever wanting to spend real money there.

So, should your clients build a small business presence in Second Life? We’ll just have to see how these things pan out.

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