Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Books in the Collection

Here are two of our latest additions to the collection with a summary of their contents:

Kid-Focused Businesses (Entrepreneur Magazine's Step-By-Step Startup Guides)
Party Planning
Gift and Bath Products
Educational Toys and Games
Plus Size Clothing
Cooking Classes

Ward's Motor Vehicle Facts & Figures 2008
Documenting the Performance and Impact of the U.S. Auto Industry
Sections include:
Production/Factory Sales
Retail Sales (cars, trucks, top selling, Canada, Mexico and Leasing)
Registrations (Cras and trucks and vehicles retired from use)
Automotive Trade (US Exports and world trade data)
Materials (consumption by material type)
Ownership (Population per vehicle, drivers, thefts)
Transportation Expenditures (inlcudes fuel and licensing taxes)
Travel Trends
Automotive Businesses (Facilities, capacity, profits)
Environment/Regulations (fuel consumption, prices, taxes)
Traffic Fatalities (By state, characteristics, countries)

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