Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sources for Psychographics

Occasionally we'll get a request for psychographics. We have The Lifestyle Market Analyst demographics, which can tell you a lot about popular activities and interests of a metro area, or how those lifestyles overlap (i.e., how many people interested in fashion clothing also care about fine foods?). We also have MOSAIC lifestyle descriptions for determining lifestyle groups by geography from the Demographics Now database.

But for those of you that want more, here's a couple of freebies (thanks to the J.J. Hill blog for pointing them out)

Newspaper Association of America's Consumer Segmentation Snapshots
While there's a focus on newspaper readership, this site offers profiles of different consumer buying groups for finance, technology, buying styles, food/cooking, health, vacation/travel and automotive purchases.

From Claritas (a Nielsen company) - You Are Where You Live
Enter the zip code you are interested in and the "segmentation system defines every neighborhood in the U.S. in terms of 66 distinct lifestyle types." (Note: Clicking on the name of the lifestyle type will explain the group, but once you've seen this page and click the back button, your search will be unavailable. Try opening the lifestyle descriptions in a new window or tab to avoid losing your results..)

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