Friday, December 19, 2008

BNET's Best Business Books 2008

Once again, I have found a list of business books that I would like to share. The books in BNET's Best Business Books of 2008 were voted on by BNET readers and the article includes synopses, reviews, and more. The topics range from microfinance explained in terms for four to eight year old children to a book titled "The Back of a Napkin", the theme of which is how to solve business problems through illustrating.

If anyone who reads this post has business book recommendations, we at the Research Network would love to read your comments. Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

Here are two more FREE books to add to the list. Both are free. Both can transform any business.
The first is the "Criteria for Performance Excellence." Its the book from the Malcolm Baldrige Award. Available for free PDF download at:
The second is "On The System: The End of the Disorganized-Organization." Available for free PDF download at:
If you are a leader of manager who is serious about learning how to transform your disorganized-organization into a finely tuned machine, then these are the books for you.

Holden said...

Really, Those are wonderful books!! Like to read them!!