Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't Let Your Blog Sit Around Collecting Dust

Unsurprisingly, we at the Research Network are keen on blogs and blogging. But it's true that a blog that's not updated regularly is probably more problematic than no blog at all.

Chris Crum over at Small Business Newz addresses this issue in Business Blogs Only Work if You Use Them.

After he notes all of this blogs lying abandoned in cyberspace, Chris notes the benefits of sticking with it:

Chris notes that a business blog "can inspire trust and keep the public informed about your business activities. However, it's only going to be a great tool if it is maintained.

"I realize an update every day is not always practical, but I wouldn't advise against it unless there is nothing to say. You probably don't want to force your writing, but regular updates are key to making sure people know you are taking the blog seriously, and it will give them reason to come back (or hopefully subscribe via RSS). If your business is on Twitter (or other social media sites), you might think blogging is unnecessary, but remember, blogging and tweeting can compliment each other."

The article includes links about Twitter and RSS feeds.
Also, from the same source: Ways LinkedIn Can Help Small Business Owners and Google Focuses on Small Businesses (Or does it? See the comments.)

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