Friday, February 19, 2010

Source Guide for Renewable Energy

If you are a business in the renewable energy industry or your business has been looking for renewable energy company, then I suggest you bookmark The Source for Renewable Energy, "a comprehensive buyers guide and business directory to more than 16,000 renewable energy businesses and organizations worldwide".

There are many different types of renewable energy businesses that have no clear NAICS or SIC code yet. With no clear classification code, it is difficult to create business lists using our business directory databases. The Source for Renewable Energy allows searchers to "locate renewable energy businesses by geographic location, by product type, by business type and by name, or search for renewable energy businesses using keywords". For example, I could create a list of US Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturers, a list of US Renewable Energy Trade Associations by Business Name, or a list of Ocean Energy System Component Businesses in the World. As yet, I have not gone to the Source and left empty-handed. With so many categories, chances are good that you will find an answer as well.

* If you are a Renewable Energy business and you are not in this directory, I highly suggest contacting Renewable Energy Advertising Services to be added.

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