Friday, April 02, 2010

The Recovering Economy

Is the recession over? Unfortunately, no. Are certain aspects of the economy improving? YES!

It's Alive! - Consumer spending, the dollar, GDP, and the stock market are all headed higher. The economic story is much more encouraging than it was just one year ago. But that doesn't mean the recovery is complete.

Job Market Brightens as U.S. Payrolls Surge in March - The clouds have parted. After more than two years in which more than eight million jobs were lost, the country’s non-farm payrolls surged in March. Employers added 162,000 jobs last month, and employment numbers in the previous two months were revised upward. Nationwide, the unemployment rate held steady at 9.7 percent. To many ordinary, out-of-work Americans, the recovery may finally start to feel real.

Recession Survival Guide for Small Business - Even the most successful small business will feel the challenges of the rough economic conditions. This guide presents tips, techniques, and experiences from NYS SBDC business advisors, many of whom are small business owners as well. These can be applied to any type or sized business.


Successful Investment Articles said...

Yeah maybe the recession isn't over but we can't ignore the fact that we are improving or recovering, some strategic planning consultants are still in the process of planning tactics and techniques for us to really say that "yes the economy is recovering".

Roger Owen Green said...

There is a real argument over whether the recession is over, even among economists.

Alexis Mokler said...

I think that there will continue to be arguments over whether the recession is over within the NBER for some time. I think that the best approach is to prepare your business for recovery, regardless of if it has happened or if it is coming soon.