Friday, April 16, 2010

Environmental and Alternative Energy Information Sources

One of the most useful and interesting publications that I read every month is Searcher: The Magazine for Database Professionals. Each issue contains guides to the best resources available for different industries, as well as information on how to find certain types of documents (i.e. dissertations) or where to find information on interesting topics (i.e. Dutch Libraries).

The March 2010 issue contained an article titled Environmental and Alternative Energy Information Sources: Part 2: Government Information, Resources, Metasites, and Web Directories. Below is a partial list of the links provided in the article but the entire article is well worth reading and the website above should be checked out.

National Council for Science and the Environments - CRS Reports

Information Bridge: DOE Scientific and Technical Information

DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

US Energy Information Administration

The Library of Congress Science Tracer Bullet Series

Forest Service Research & Development

US Geological Survey's Publications Warehouse

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