Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Federal Government Spending - Who makes what?

FedSpending.org is a database from OMB Watch that is designed to give journalists, analysts, government officials, and regular citizens easy access to information on federal spending. The website tracks government spending, whether it's through contracts for products and services, grants and loans, or other forms of assistance (including Social Security, veterans' benefits, etc.). The data can be as summarized or as detailed as you like - you can even get minute details on each individual government contract transaction.

In the upper left corner of the website, there are three tabs labeled Contracts, Assistance, and Recovery. Select what type of spending you are interested in and click the tab. There are multiple criteria to choose from in basic and advanced search options and though the search was slow, I imagine the database has an extreme amount of data it must search. I clicked on New York State and below is the resulting data on contracts awarded in FY2008.

Competition summary for entire search for fiscal year 2008.

Full and open competition:

Full and open competition, but only one bid:

Competition after exclusion of sources:

Follow-on contract:

Not available for competition:

Not competed:


Total parent companies for fiscal year 2008:

Total funding (within this search) for the year:

This total is 2.4% of all awarded dollars for the fiscal year.

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