Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Marketing for Hippies

Tad Hargrave is a self-described "hippy who developed a knack for marketing," and started Marketing For Hippies.

From the site:

We work with good businesses.

That could mean: “green business”, local business, sustainable business, social entrepreneurs, holistic practitioners, life-affirming and otherwise conscious entrepreneurs.

I find that, for the most part, they keep ‘meaning’ to handle their marketing but are a bit ‘allergic’ to notions of sales, marketing and self-promotion. They think it’s kind of gross. They look at what many of the bigger names in ‘conscious wealth’ do and secretly hate it (but sometimes do it because they think it’s the only way to grow their business). A lot of them have sort of given up hope that there’s any way to market what they do that resonates with them and feels in integrity.

I found this guy through an e-mail someone sent me a link to Building a Customer Psychographic Profile. "Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of defining their target purely based on things like: gender, age, income, geography and ethnicity. But you can't ignore that people group based on passions and values not skin colour and wallet size." I had a couple problems with it, not the least being the misspelling of the word "psychographics" on the title card. But it's still worthwhile.

In fact, Hargrave has a whole Radical Business YouTube channel.


Tad Hargrave said...

Thanks so much for posting my videos. I've recently put up more thoughts on niche stuff here:


They (possibly) include more misspellings.


Tad Hargrave said...

(Aha! And I am loving that you misspelled my last name :-P)

Roger Owen Green said...

Tad - FIXED!