Monday, January 31, 2011

Domain Age Tool

Consider using the Domain Age Tool to research that factor when investigating a website. The tool's quite simple to use. Just plug in a URL (or several at a time), click the "submit" button, and you should get back a page showing the site's exact age in months and years. 13 years 7 months old 11 years 2 months old 14 years 1 months old 14 years 3 months old 14 years 2 months old (Proctor and Gamble) 14 years 3 months old 12 years 1 months old 14 years 2 months old

Yet there are some, such as,, and that it is Unable to Determine.


Kenneth said...

Another excellent online tool to determine the locality of a phone number (such as when left on your business's voicemail) is located at

I've been using this tool for years and I can recommend it.

Kenneth said...

And excellent online tool I've been using for years that determines the locality (city, state, zip code) for a phone number is;

I use this tool when I have a phone number I don't recognize on my voicemail so I can better prepare to call back this person as now I'll know in advance what products/services I sell that are available in their area.