Thursday, January 20, 2011

The gender dividend: Making the business case for investing in women

Source: Deloitte via Docuticker

With a rapidly changing global economy, leaders are urgently seeking an effective method to sustain economic growth. While geography, industry, and technology are important considerations, gender is an imperative factor that cannot be ignored.
Talent is critical to staying competitive, but despite the growing number of qualified women in the workforce, the female talent pool continues to remain underutilized...

Acknowledging and investing in women can yield a significant return—a return known as the gender dividend. To fully capitalize on the gender dividend, however, countries and organizations must go beyond policies that focus on discrimination and develop solid strategies aimed at integrating women at every level. This will require building a strong, dual-focused business case that considers women as both workers and consumers.

The series of papers titled The gender dividend, examines successful models for investing in women. The first installment, Making the business case for investing in women, lays out the rationale behind why governments and organizations must look to women as key to their economic growth.

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