Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Simpler Path to 2010 Census Data - Eventually

The press release reads:

The U.S. Census Bureau debuts a reinvented American FactFinder today, making online access to 2010 Census data -- and many more statistics -- easier than ever.

The new American FactFinder offers a fresh look, new tools and easier access to a wide range of Census Bureau statistics. Online today, you will find population estimates for 2008 and earlier years and findings from the 2000 Census. When fully implemented, the new FactFinder is projected to have about 250 billion data cells in more than 40,000 tables.

BUT...the note attached to the notification also said: "Please note that very limited data are currently available on this system."

Several paragraphs down:

Users should note that American Community Survey, 2007 Economic Census and other economic survey data are not in the new version of American FactFinder at the present. These data sets can be accessed from the American FactFinder homepage and will be loaded to the new American FactFinder during the coming year.

So the usability by the end of 2011 will be tremendous. The usability by April 1, when most of the 2010 data will be loaded, will be significant. The usability today is severely limited.

Read the whole press release HERE.

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