Monday, November 19, 2012

Yogurt LOVES New York

From CBS News Sunday Morning:

Chobani, just five years on your grocery shelves, is now the best-selling yogurt brand in America.

It's at the forefront of an even bigger culture shift: Greek yogurt, once a small fraction of the market, will top $1 billion in U.S. sales this year.

"It's very high in protein, it has less sugar, and companies have made it absolutely delicious," said Cornell dairy specialist Tristan Zuber. "So that appeals to American consumers right now. They want something that's healthier."

And it's very healthy for the New York state economy, said Zuber. Upstate New York is now home to all the major Greek brands.

For local dairy farmers, you might just call it a cash cow.

"New York is definitely becoming the Silicon Valley of yogurt," said Zuber. "There's currently 553 million pounds of yogurt that's manufactured in New York. That's a 140 percent increase since 2008."

And the next generation of New York yogurt-makers is already on its way up.

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