Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Integrate SEO, Social Media & Content Marketing Into Your Business

In today’s age of ubiquitous connectivity, many small businesses have implemented a variety of online marketing efforts to attract new customers and increase overall sales. Unfortunately, results can vary significantly because tools are only as good as the expertise of the person using them.

The lure of the “next big thing” can create online marketing inefficiencies when small business owners try to be a marketing “jack of all trades and master to none”.

For example, the rapid growth and adoption of the social web can be overwhelming for small business marketers. Consider these social network growth statistics:

Google sites handle about 100 billion searches each month (SEL)
YouTube hosts nearly 14 billion videos (comScore)
Facebook is now over 1 billion users (Mark Zuckerberg)
Google+ has over 500 million users (Google)
Twitter has over 550 million accounts (Statistics Brain)
LinkedIn is at 225 million users (LinkedIn)
Pinterest grew 4,377% in 2012 and continues to expand with 25 million users (TechCrunch)

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