Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Small Business Lending in the United States 2012

Small Business Lending in the United States is the Office of Advocacy’s annual report on bank lending to small businesses. Financing is critical for small businesses; without it, they would be hard pressed to make important contributions to the nation’s economic health and well-being.

In the pages of this report, you will find the most current available information on lending to small businesses by depository institutions of various sizes in the United States. Tables in the report provide a wealth of data on the amount and number of loans made to small businesses year by year.

The overall picture looks better than it did a year ago. Although lending to small businesses was still down, the decline was less than in 2010 and 2011, an indication of progress. You will be able to track the year-by-year changes in small business lending as the economy continues to improve.

Readers can also learn more about what’s happening with the banks in their own states and localities. Detailed tables show state-by-state rankings of institutions doing small business lending. The report covers commercial, cooperative, and federal and state savings banks, as well as savings and loan associations. Geographic coverage includes the United States and its territories.

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