Monday, October 07, 2013

How To Pick the Right Enterprise Collaboration Vendor

Chess Media Group has released its latest whitepaper on how to select an enterprise collaboration software vendor. Instead of providing a review of various technologies which would most likely be outdated by the time it was published, CMG decided to focus on providing a guide to help YOU figure out which vendor is the best for your company. In other words Chess wants to give you the tools you need. The whitepaper is focused on two key things in order to help you accomplish this evaluation.

The first is a breakdown of the 8 common variables that most companies use to evaluate vendors; these include things such as features, price, support, and others. The second is a framework for how to evaluate vendors based on those variables. CMG created a simple four-step process which is both easy to understand yet highly customizable to the needs of your company.

Download the whitepaper on how to select an enterprise collaboration vendor.

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