Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pinning for Success

There are many options for keeping in touch with each other, with clients, to gain inspiration or keep abreast of the world around us. And we know that each of us has our own way of absorbing information. Sometimes things just click. I'm not a collector.  The only thing I collect is books but I find that in a virtual world, all the postcards I've ever bought in a museum gift shop, every article I clipped and saved, every tidbit or fact that entertained me I can re-manifest on Pinterest. Whether it's Twitter or Facebook etc.., we can choose how we use these new vehicles and you can see that in practice: collections of recipes, or mustangs, expensive watches, dogs or political outrage. But for visual learners, Pinterest can be a very useful medium. To that end, I've begun a new collection of boards aimed at both advisors and clients or anyone interested in the issues facing small business owners. We still have a profile for NYS SBDC, but this profile is from the point of view of the RN.

On the NYS SBDC RN boards, you'll find articles, videos, infographics, images relating to what our clients do. For example, there's a board for Downtown Revitalization with stories and examples of efforts made in cities who are battling a shared problem. Articles and presentations on Crowdfunding including how to make a good video; lots of information on Social Media, Home-Based Businesses, Selling Online, Corporate Identity and running a Food Business.

Check out the boards, your might be inspired to create your own collection. Please direct your clients to them for further reading and videos on a wide range of issues.

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