Monday, February 10, 2014

Bad customer service, cookie crumbs division

Someone I know wrote:

I go to a coffee shop where I plan to use the WiFi. I order a cookie with my tea, not because I really want a cookie but because I want to order something besides tea since I'm coming there to sit for a while and I want to be nice.

The woman puts my cookie in this huge basket. It's weird. It's not something you'd ever eat a cookie out of. I figure she's out of plates or something so I say, that's OK, I don't need a basket, I'll just use this napkin. She looks at me and sighs -- not joking at all-- and says, alright but watch out for the crumbs, we just vacuumed. For real. Like she was annoyed with me. And to top it all off, their Wifi doesn't work. Do I just have my knickers in a twist or am I right to be a little annoyed with her? Oh well. First world problems.

She got lots of constructive feedback, such as "Ask her for a bib" and "Spill those crumbs and walk out the door!"

My own cranky response: It's lousy customer service.So yeah, be annoyed. let them know you're annoyed. Tell the manager that, sans apology, you plan to let them know the establishment that annoyed you.

People, it is generally conceded, remember the bad experiences far worse than the good ones!

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