Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New York State Statistical Yearbook for 2013

The 37th edition of the New York State Statistical Yearbook for 2013, published by The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government of the University of Albany, is now available in print and online. Similar to the Statistical Abstract of the United States, this Yearbook is organized into chapters focusing on specific topics or governmental functions. Where possible, the tables provide data for each of the state’s sixty-two counties, including the five boroughs of New York City.

Several interesting statistics are captured in this edition with particular relevance to the small business landscape in New York State:

  •  New York State ranks second in New Economy scores for High Wage Traded Services. Also in the New Economy category, New York is ranked twelve for Foreign Direct Investment and sixteenth for Job Churning. (To view the full data, navigate to Table B-5 )
  • Direct expenditures by New York State and local governments totaled $15,173 per capita, 51 percent above the national average in fiscal year 2009-2010. (To view the full data, navigate to Table E-1)
  •  In 2011, the Department of State issues $87,630 security guard licenses in New York State. This is a significant increase from 2010, when they issued 77,588 security guard licenses. Additionally, this is one of the only licensing areas to see an increase between 2010 and 2011. (To view the full data, navigate to Table E-24 )
  • Commodity services and technology contracts awarded to small businesses by the New York State Office of General Services decreased in quantity between 2010 and 2011, but increase in contract value. (To view the full data, navigate to Table E-48

The full 2013 New York State Statistical Yearbook as well as past annual versions is available on the Rockefeller Institute website.

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