Saturday, January 17, 2015

Poll: Citizens United ruling hurts small business

Despite the Court’s overtures to small corporations, the biggest beneficiaries of the Citizens United ruling have surely not been the small business owners who fuel much of the nation’s economic growth and job creation, but rather some of the world’s largest companies...

Most small business owners don’t have the time or money to spend on politics and are increasingly worried about their growing exclusion from the political process. A poll conducted by Small Business Majority found 66 percent of small business owners agreed the Citizens United ruling was bad for small business because it gives big business unlimited political spending power – this on top of 88 percent who negatively view the role money plays in politics.

With the Citizens United decision, the political system has become even more stacked against the interests of small firms. Small businesses end up paying the price for big money politics that allow large firms to secure special perks and advantages over their smaller, less politically connected competitors. It’s the modern political equivalent of David and Goliath, with entrepreneurs fighting to have their voices heard over the ka-ching of corporate donations filling the coffers of political candidates around the country.

Small businesses aren't asking for special favors, just a government that understands and responds to their needs.

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