Friday, January 16, 2015

What Young People Must Know About Entrepreneurship

1. Youth matters.
Many entrepreneurs say they wished they started on their path sooner. So when better to start then at a young age?

2. Money adds up.
It's best to know from the start that money matters, don't turn a blind eye to the expenses of starting up a business from scratch.
3. Tenacity is significant. 
Success is not given, you have to work to be successful. It doesn't come from the hand outs you receive but what you do with those gifts. 
4. Education carries weight.
Would Mark Zuckerberg have launched Facebook if he had dropped out of community college instead of Harvard? Education is not your biggest asset when it comes to Entrepreneurship but it can carry a lot of weight. 
5. Trends are significant.
Today's trends will be tomorrow past. Focusing on future trends will bring you success. 
6. Concrete problems count.
Entrepreneurship, above all else, solves problems. Look for problems and you’ll find answers.

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